Pokémon Go is Luring More Customers and Driving Real-world Traffic to Your Local Business


Pokémon GO’ is driving crazy to the people and due to this craze the profit for Japan’s Nintendo Co Ltd (7974.T) has earned a good profit. Gamers were eagerly waiting for this venture in mobile gaming. The game is not only being downloaded and played on Android, but iPhone users are also playing it. It is giving neck to neck competition to social networks and being played an average of 43 minutes a day.

The game is an excellent outcome of augmented reality that gives player almost real-life feel to walk around your phone screen while hunting virtual characters of the game. The game has been released in the United States, Australia and New Zealand and soon going to be released in one of the world’s biggest gaming markets Japan
Right now paid in-game locations are not a part of Pokémon Go’s business, still it has the undeniable ability to drive real-world foot traffic to locations.

To drive revenue, Ingress used sponsored in-game locations. The developers and marketers of the game are trying to end up with potentially cost-per-visit type model where every type of brand can sponsor the different elements of the game. Already, people are utilizing the tools available in Pokémon Go to improve the potential for real-world traffic. This game is proving a good engagement for all types of businesses.

For businesses of all sizes, a game with this kind of engagement is definitely better. Undoubtedly, the new mobile and augmented reality game from The Pokémon Company and Niantic Labs is leaving a noticeable impact on people’s daily routines. People are spending so much time on playing this game and navigating around to find Pokemon.

Some people are liking it more and playing with more interest because they know that no marketing channel is evergreen and with Pokemon GO, their business has an unprecedented opportunity right now and it is the right platform to build strong emotional bonds with their valuable customers spending very little money. Although they know that Pokemon GO app may not a powerful a tool for driving sales for six months or a year from now, but one thing is for sure that customers that you entertain today may remember you tomorrow.

Portugal Punctuating the Final Nail in the Coffin in the Final of EURO 2016

Teams of EURO 2016

Well we have got Portugal as a champion of Euro 2016. After watching the Euro 2016 final between Portugal and France, what all I can say is which happens is for the best. If an injury brings the world champion title for you, hopefully any player will not regret to get some paint for a few hours. Accidently, Cristiano Ronaldo got injured in the first-half of the match and Eder got a chance as a substitute and what he did is just a fresh history Portugal has cherished and still celebrating.


Nobody has thought of that moment after their favourite Cristiano Ronaldo gut hurt and taken off on a stretcher. In fact, that was the point where almost half of the Portugal people have lost their hopes of winning the title. Ronaldo hurt his knee and went off the ground with lacerated leg. It was a very emotional moment for the Portugal, but who knows that it is going to be that moment that is going to created history for Portugal.

People could not control their emotions when they saw their hero on his knee with tears in eyes. Their hero look broken and dejected. But as soon as Ronaldo left the ground, Portugal team looked united. All the players played like a team because they knew that Ronaldo is not there on the side and there is no other choice to play as a team. They outsmart the host during the long passes and they look fierce and acute on the field than France.

Their sense of attack grew intensively agile with the game. Although the match was stretched to the extra time, but Éder’s decisive goal in that second half of that extra time made it possible for the Portugal to grab the trophy of the winner. It was very memorable victory for Portugal as their team registered the first win after 10 successive defeats to France. Portugal was at the third spot in the group stages matches, but still manage to win the trophy. But in the Final, the entire world have witnessed the mental toughness and competitive courage of the Portugal’s football players.

It was an obdurate side that was playing in the final. France lost a lot of opportunities to goal, but till the 69th minute of the game, Portugal was fortunate that France could not make any goal. It was the 70th minute when the aggression of Portugal was adventurous. In 70th minute, the ball was 25 yards away from the goal and it was Éder‘s feet that sent the football for a goal. The only mistake France made is, its players lost the opportunities around the penalty area.

Because of the mistakes made by the players of the France, the trophy slipped away from their hands. Ronaldo came into the frame in the final hours of presentation when his team was awarded with the title and his tears turned into the joy. Here one thing is for sure that champion players doesn’t create history not only by their presence, but also by their absence. Just cheers for Portugal!!!!

Religion of Terrorism

It feels heart-breaking whenever I see any news or report about any terrorist attack. Such news shakes my belief if there is anything that is safe. We are human beings and have a lots of ways to protect ourselves. In fact we apply as much as possible to make our life easy and secure. We have managed to save ourselves from natural calamities, but still are not safe from those who are like us. Here I am talking about those who has only one mission in mind i.e. practice the heinous sin in the name of God.

I really don’t understand what kind of God they pray because as far as my knowledge is concerned, we are the child of God and He shows the very positive way of life that is filled with love, care, and sacrifice. But alas! This is irony of the fate that we are not safe from those who look like us, who lives like us, who eat like us, I mean we are not safe from our own people. The people who are same like us from head to toe can’t behave normally just because their mind has been manipulated and only one thing is taught to them hate the others who doesn’t belong to you.

Such people should know that we all are created equally by almighty and when He has not created any difference in his pupils who the human beings are to mark that difference. People who are spreading hatred really need to understand that what they are doing and who are getting affected by their acts of terror. Why do they see entire world ad their enemy and why there is a huge difference in their viewpoint and ours. They never give it a second thought what they have done and what they’re going to do.

As a result of such hatred, the world has witnessed most disastrous attacks in the history. Istanbul has suffered a disastrous terror attack on this Tuesday (28 June 2016). Till the date we have witnessed enough of bloodshed of innocent people be it 26/11, Paris attack, Dhaka attack, Iraq attack and so many more to named.

terrorist attack on Paris terrorist-attack-on-world-trade-center-wtc

Earth is a beautiful planet but its beauty has been murdered brutally just to be proved superior religiously. How one can have the religion if there is no pity in one’s heart. A man will be called great only if he is a man first. Religion comes after humanity.

How Google Photos can Create and Organize your Static Visuals Amazingly?

Google Photos is web based photo hosting application offered by Google which allows you to create amazing photos and also save them in your online storage. This app gives you ample of space to save your precious moments in its server, share them with your friends or on social media, navigate attractive pictures available in its library and use them.


This app has a lot of in-app features to glorify your images like pinch-to-zoom, a new intelligent image recognition technology, which assist you to find a particular image, a powerful tool “Snapseed” and various other as well. So let’s find how it can be helpful for you to unleash your creative core:

Share your moments with all from any device

It’s cool and favorable if you get something for free that too with the availability on all of your devices like mobile phones, desktops, tablets, and laptops. It gives you unlimited storage to save your photos and allows to upload pictures up to 16 megapixels. You don’t find much difference if you compare image resolution in web browser or on the mobile screen. But if you’re clicking pictures from a high-end camera, it’ll need more storage space and in that case you can’t take the advantages of this “unlimited” storage.

Fast search tool

It’s very easy to find any image from the pool, you just need to type a bit and it’ll show all similar results. All the corresponding searches will appear on the screen of your mobile display as soon you’ll type something. You can quickly access all the photos stored in the Google Drive. You can take a shot and upload them automatically using this app or you can do that manually as well.

Create own album or take the favor from Google to do it

A new feature called “collection” has been included with it which store pictures according to date, time or location. It “assistance” feature allows you to see specific events, reels highlights, recently generated images and short videos. Plus, it stores date, day, and time and location information also. While creating your own album, you can apply your own impressions in it, add music files, and text notes.

Customize your photo album

You can customize your photos, save images according to the date order, organize them according to your preference, merge two different photos,  zoom in and out them, and lots more.

Share your memories with others

It’s very easy to share your collection with others. You just need to connect to the Internet and share a link with the one you want to share. If anyone will click on that link, it’ll open the image.

It’s as easy to use as mobile app which is equipped with multiple features and has a very intuitive user interface. It allows you to organize and your collection along with maintaining your privacy. Google Photos app also has an auto backup feature and its unlimited storage space, and uploading flexibility makes it a choice of a large number of users.



How Travel Apps can be Helpful to Map the National and International Boundaries

Travelling is an addiction and a passion for those who love to explore and visit the world beyond their boundaries, for those who want to experience the beauty and adventures of the world. But stepping out of the home without making a route map and picking up the necessary stuff can ruin your entire journey. To make your travelling trip more interesting, exciting, smooth, and entertaining, your handheld devices, laptop, desktop, and tablet can favor you best.


There are lots of traveling apps and utilities, which can simplify your tour, trips, and journeys. And the invention of computers and similar devices have taken the age beyond the wide spread horizon of expectations. This invention along with the networking technology is opening new ways for every age of people. They have compressed the distance between people living far apart.  Internet is being used as a great resource to fetch and use the information at any point of time.

The technology is there for all and it’s giving a huge number of flexibilities. To make your trip easy and convenient, venture the world through the available apps, then make a decision about the location, mode of transportation, food, clothes, etc. Available applications have made the people smart a quick and there is nothing like visiting the alluring wonders of the world. They are laden with multiple useful tools to direct you and help you out in venturing various places on the earth.

So here is a brief description about how travel apps can be beneficial for their users:

Introduction of GIS

GIS is the smartest tool which stands for geographical information system. Most of the information traveling apps deliver depends on the information provided by GIS. GIS provides information in real-time encompasses multiple apps synchronously. Travel software may direct and guide you through your entire journey. They can show you a road map, distance between source to destination, your present location, how far your destination is from your existing location, etc.

User comfort

Travel apps are not serving single purpose. They are multi-tasking. It helps you to calculate the distance, see weather conditions, accommodation choices, food options, local market, places to visit, estimate the budget of the entire journey as per the number of persons, local dialect, adventure places, and much more.

Transportation information

The popularity of any app depends on how relevant information they deliver at the point of need.

Today, nobody has time to wait for a couple of minutes and hours to know something as there are a lot of alternates available. So this cut-throat competition has forced the developers to develop fast and efficient applications which can provide all necessary information the users are looking for. So that travel apps are doing, they can help you to book air, rail, bus tickets, hotel rooms, etc.

Simplify traveling obstacles 

Travelling may become a pain if you don’t have any idea what all problems you face and what are their possible solutions. The world is full of wonders, surprises, rich cultures, multiple cuisines, and a lot more. Travel apps are serving like a book the more you search, the more you can get out of them. They can tell you the fastest means to travel, most comfortable place to stay, best to eat food, etc.


User friendly travelling apps are available as the tool to turn your trips in a memorable journey. They are handy tools to get aware of geographical conditions, weather conditions, transportation means (local, national and international), etc. They help you to make your trips a wonderful journey when you’re going away from the comfort of your house, whether you’re going on a business trip/meeting or for fun. Along with serving their users, they are contributing to the natural heritage of a country and its economic growth.



Why Britain has isolated itself from European Union?

Brexit Britain

Keeping itself out of the EU was a decision made by the people of the United Kingdom. A referendum held for the same and according to that     referendum, more than half of the mass wanted that Britain no longer should be a member of the European Union as this responsibility has become the obligation for the UK. The mass believe that other nations of the EU are getting more benefits of this Union whereas Britain is paying a huge amount without getting equal benefits.

As per the decision made the people of the United Kingdom, the government of the country choose to become the first independent nation to get isolated from the European Union. Before voting in favour of Brexit, British citizens analysed the pros and cons of both aspects and made a decision accordingly. Below some reasons are given that may in the mind of British citizens while voting in favour of leaving EU:


The decision of staying out of the EU will be helpful in establishing full sovereignty of the United Kingdom. With this decision, UK is not obliged to comply with EU rules and regulations. All the rules and regulations are mostly constituted in Brussels and all the nations have to comply with those regulations as per the agreement made.

Nothing to pay for EU membership for UK growth

As a member of EU and net contributor to the EU budget, UK has to pay around 600 million pounds per week. Now UK doesn’t need to pay this much amount it can effectively use billions of pounds as per its plan for the growth of the country.

Liberty from EU regulations

All the member nations of the EU has the very easy Visa policies and they were allowed to visit any of the nation of EU. As a result, the tourism department of UK was bearing a huge loss. UK always has been a top choice of the tourists and because of the involvement with U, Britain was bound with the regulations. So opting out to stay away from EU will give the new life to the UK tourism.

Trade control

UK companies were bound with a contact to trade according to the EU regulations. Now the UK companies will be free from the burden imposed by the EU regulations. Now they will be able to trade with other countries on their own terms. This decision will put a great impact on the overseas trade of the UK because earlier almost half of UK’s overseas trade were conducted with the EU.

Opportunities for more employment

Till now, UK was bound with EU regulations and all the companies have to follow the norms constituted by the EU. This divorce between the EU and UK is surely gonna help UK more for creating more employment because UK is now free to get fresh investments from other countries which are not the member of EU.