How to Minify Employee Dalliance

As per a recent study, 64 percent of employees have admitted that they waste their time on non-work related activities on regular basis. It is a staggering fact that they admitted that they spend more than two hours on non-official work. If it is calculated and the average loss is estimated, it will cost 20% loss on the average the average salary. Means employer would 20% more cost on their employees per year on their procrastination.

Although it is not only the employees fault. Office environment may be equally responsible for that. So it’s the management’s responsibility to create a healthy environment at workplace that is lenient enough to keep employees relaxed and happy. If the office environment is not happy, even the most dedicated and productive employees can get deviated and waste their time. So to eliminate as much distraction as possible, provide the best environment and interesting work to your employees.

Employee Dalliance

To create a good environment and enhance overall efficiency, you need to make flexible policies for employees.  Here are some ways that may be helpful to reduce procrastination at office, have a look at them:

Offer Offsite Work Space

Working in the same place and doing the same work from nine to five is enough to drag an employee into procrastination mode. If possible, try to change the offsite escape. It may the coffee shop, designate a remote workspace with all the facilities necessary to do the work, or for more organized space, investing in a membership at a co-working space. Allow your employees to find and choose a remote workspace for themselves as long as they get work done, be it outdoor parks and other city sanctioned structures with required facilities.

Keep yourself Involved with Projects

It is a great way to motivate your employees because they get inspired to see your interest and energy level. They will respect you more because of your involvement event in the small projects and they will do their job with full dedication. Additional benefit of doing so is, you can know the status of the regular progress and you don’t need to be dependent on others to know the work status.

Minimize Number of Meetings

Excessive meetings affect employee productivity even though the intent of meetings is novel. It is very important that you do not call your employees for a meeting during important work hours or if meetings are really important, do not stretch them. If you want to deliver any message to your team, a simple email or chat conversation may serve your purpose. So set the guidelines for meetings and schedule them as per the office work.

Assign the Smaller Tasks to Interns

Interns join any company to learn as much things as possible because their skills will get them a good job offer. Their part time experience will be helpful for them later on so assign them small tasks of a project often. If you feel that your interns may do certain task for you, hand over them that particular job. If you do so, it may be possible that they may get a fresh perspective.  There is a possibility that interns will do that work with more zeal than your regular employees because they want to learn more. It will save your employees energy on completing multiple tasks half-heartedly.

It is challenge to maintain employee efficiency and create a laid battle company culture. But it is possible to build a culture that decrease dalliance if you concentrate on building a healthy and happy company culture. Above described tips may be helpful to beat procrastination at work.

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