Lessons that only life can teach you

You may not have thought about these lessons, but each one of you either have experienced them or going to experience them in future. So just find out what they may be:

life Lesson

There are only two types of people either rich or poor and you belong to one category

The stats of economy change every day so as your status. Either you earn something or lose something. You will be surprised to know that with every passing day, more people fall down to poverty. It is the states of America that 50 million people are on food stamps there and Medium wealth class is falling around 25 -30% to poverty level. In fact, the report says that the middle class is disappearing and either you are rich or poor. Millionaires belong to the new middle class now.

Life isn’t fair

People often think that if they are nice, other people will also be good with them. But it is mare a dream because your kindness and humanity may seems to work in some areas of your life, but being in a business is totally different thing. In business and economics, everything works differently and you need to find multiple ways to survive in the period of economic recession because nobody helps on time.

An entire workweek is for slaves

It is a common life of people that they work from Monday to Friday. And on the Friday evening they are very anxious whereas they hate Mondays because working for 40 hours in a week for a job is like that probably you don’t like is like being a slave actually.

It doesn’t matter for the world if you succeed or fail

Everybody in this World is selfish and nobody cares you succeed or fail, not even your closest friends and family. In fact, if any of your close friend could not get successful, he/she will try to break your moral because they failed. Everybody out there want you to be on the same level where they are. So if you want to do something in life don’t listen what other say, just push harder every day and prove them that your attitude and aim are way too different from the rest of the people including them who try to drag you down. If you will start thinking like thing and doing the thing in the way you want, people will notice you and try to be with you as they want to be a part of the success and money.

It is not your education, it is your actions that decide your success

Being a topper can’t guarantee you the success. Your college grades cannot assure you that you can achieve everything in business and life. To become successful, you need to learn from your mistakes, from your work experience, available useful information, and you subordinates. To keep yourself ahead in the competition, you not only need to be thoughtful, but also act according to the demand of work and time.

You don’t get what you wish for, rather you’ll get what you negotiate

You may know it better if you have been asked about the salary expectations from a HR recruiter or bought something from the market at a price less than MRP. In one case you will be paid and the HR will try to convince you at the minimum and in another case the vendor will try to charge maximum possible cost. Both situations are different, but you have to negotiate in both situations to save or earn more. People always want to take advantage in some way and you have to prove yourself everywhere.  How much will you get depends on your skills, experience, and knowledge and you have to prove yourself resourceful everywhere either you are doing a job or business.

If you’re not resourceful, you don’t matter to anyone

If you are expecting that if you underperform, your boss will come to ask about the problem you’re facing then it is a day-dream. Probably, it will never happen. If you underperform because you are not satisfied with the company policies, income, flexibility, and anything else, nobody is going to bother about it even if you are trying hard to deliver good results. If you are not able to deliver god results, you will soon asked to improve your performance. But if you will prove that you are different from other and you are not only there to just pass your time, you want to make the company better and want to contribute to take it to the next level, you will be appreciated. When your boss will see this attitude, you will get more money and more flexible environment in the office.

You will have to learn how to sell even if you don’t like it at all

Nobody likes a sales job, but the lucrative money attracts people to sell even if they don’t like it. Many of the salesperson think that they will contact some vendors or the affiliated company to buy their products and somewhere it is a good strategy. It is important that you learn from your own habits and action. Just analyse how good a company is that you are being sold. You may not sell every day, but you get sold every day. You don’t realize it because you never think that whatever you purchase from market is being sold to you and that is a part of sell. It is a sell when many times you pay for coffee, soda, chips, etc.  You never ask how many times in a day or week you get paid or getting you money back? If you want to make more money, you have to learn more about selling.

You don’t get salary according to your skills and experience

It may sound unfair but it is very much possible with most of you that either you will be overpaid or underpaid. If you suggest some exotic and creative problem solving tricks, you will get paid more.   Sounds unfair right?  Maybe it is but the true is people will pay you to resolve their problems. If you that is why security research expert, and programmers are paid more. You will be underpaid and not get the due salary if there are many people who can do that. People will pay you more than what you deserve if you will prove your value and show that you are better than others.

You’ll get paid for that what others deny to do

Have you seen that your boss is doing everything in the office from mopping the floor to handling the clients and sales? Definitely no because every person has a qualification and need according to that they are paid. One get chance if there is a vacancy or somebody have not accepted the offer. Means whoever gets the job is because someone else is not suitable or read to do that. Position may be anything, but do what you like to do that is what will keep you satisfied and happy.

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