Now every Twitter user can use ‘Verified User’ Feature

Twitter has included a new feature for all of its user that is there for putting you in the list of verified users. To determine if you are “verified user”, this feature will allow any of you to request the blue check mark beside your name. Earlier only big brands and public figures were able to get that mark. Users need to fill out a form to sign up for the chance at a mark. The filling information of the form asks for an active phone number, email address, a photo for profile, and justification of the reason to get verified.

Twitter ‘Verified User’ Feature

Twitter says that all the verified users will be those users “determined to be of public interest.” You just need to fill out the form to very your own change of being a verified user. The blue tick mark has been a sort of pointless sign of prestige on this social platform for some time. Twitter had this verification mark for a long time and many of the users have made complaints in the past because of the irregularities users have faced who don’t have this check mark. Therefore, twitter has announced this to stop trolls.

But now this social platform is widening the parameters for verification and the reason may be trolling. Twitter has paid attention to this issue because it has held a reputation that it is failed to monitor or stop trolls of the users who use this network to air their issues via senseless and hateful comments. In this way users have targeted many public figures in the past via their misogynistic comments. Because of this reason, Twitter has already included a feature. This feature will funnel away the unverified responses of a verified user so that the verified user can come to know that his/her responses needs to be censored.

With the new update, anyone who is bullied on the Twitter can turn off the verified feature. Now this feature becomes more relevant to a much wider swathe of users: egg-for-a-profile-pic users. So this feature will be really helpful to filter out unverified users. However, it is difficult to harness the trolls on Twitter and they will still exist on the network. Often Verified public figures are targeted even though they themselves don’t post the worst stuff. To stop the hate speech, Twitter will need to take some steps very soon than a tweaked verification.


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