Pokémon Go is Luring More Customers and Driving Real-world Traffic to Your Local Business


Pokémon GO’ is driving crazy to the people and due to this craze the profit for Japan’s Nintendo Co Ltd (7974.T) has earned a good profit. Gamers were eagerly waiting for this venture in mobile gaming. The game is not only being downloaded and played on Android, but iPhone users are also playing it. It is giving neck to neck competition to social networks and being played an average of 43 minutes a day.

The game is an excellent outcome of augmented reality that gives player almost real-life feel to walk around your phone screen while hunting virtual characters of the game. The game has been released in the United States, Australia and New Zealand and soon going to be released in one of the world’s biggest gaming markets Japan
Right now paid in-game locations are not a part of Pokémon Go’s business, still it has the undeniable ability to drive real-world foot traffic to locations.

To drive revenue, Ingress used sponsored in-game locations. The developers and marketers of the game are trying to end up with potentially cost-per-visit type model where every type of brand can sponsor the different elements of the game. Already, people are utilizing the tools available in Pokémon Go to improve the potential for real-world traffic. This game is proving a good engagement for all types of businesses.

For businesses of all sizes, a game with this kind of engagement is definitely better. Undoubtedly, the new mobile and augmented reality game from The Pokémon Company and Niantic Labs is leaving a noticeable impact on people’s daily routines. People are spending so much time on playing this game and navigating around to find Pokemon.

Some people are liking it more and playing with more interest because they know that no marketing channel is evergreen and with Pokemon GO, their business has an unprecedented opportunity right now and it is the right platform to build strong emotional bonds with their valuable customers spending very little money. Although they know that Pokemon GO app may not a powerful a tool for driving sales for six months or a year from now, but one thing is for sure that customers that you entertain today may remember you tomorrow.

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