Portugal Punctuating the Final Nail in the Coffin in the Final of EURO 2016

Teams of EURO 2016

Well we have got Portugal as a champion of Euro 2016. After watching the Euro 2016 final between Portugal and France, what all I can say is which happens is for the best. If an injury brings the world champion title for you, hopefully any player will not regret to get some paint for a few hours. Accidently, Cristiano Ronaldo got injured in the first-half of the match and Eder got a chance as a substitute and what he did is just a fresh history Portugal has cherished and still celebrating.


Nobody has thought of that moment after their favourite Cristiano Ronaldo gut hurt and taken off on a stretcher. In fact, that was the point where almost half of the Portugal people have lost their hopes of winning the title. Ronaldo hurt his knee and went off the ground with lacerated leg. It was a very emotional moment for the Portugal, but who knows that it is going to be that moment that is going to created history for Portugal.

People could not control their emotions when they saw their hero on his knee with tears in eyes. Their hero look broken and dejected. But as soon as Ronaldo left the ground, Portugal team looked united. All the players played like a team because they knew that Ronaldo is not there on the side and there is no other choice to play as a team. They outsmart the host during the long passes and they look fierce and acute on the field than France.

Their sense of attack grew intensively agile with the game. Although the match was stretched to the extra time, but Éder’s decisive goal in that second half of that extra time made it possible for the Portugal to grab the trophy of the winner. It was very memorable victory for Portugal as their team registered the first win after 10 successive defeats to France. Portugal was at the third spot in the group stages matches, but still manage to win the trophy. But in the Final, the entire world have witnessed the mental toughness and competitive courage of the Portugal’s football players.

It was an obdurate side that was playing in the final. France lost a lot of opportunities to goal, but till the 69th minute of the game, Portugal was fortunate that France could not make any goal. It was the 70th minute when the aggression of Portugal was adventurous. In 70th minute, the ball was 25 yards away from the goal and it was Éder‘s feet that sent the football for a goal. The only mistake France made is, its players lost the opportunities around the penalty area.

Because of the mistakes made by the players of the France, the trophy slipped away from their hands. Ronaldo came into the frame in the final hours of presentation when his team was awarded with the title and his tears turned into the joy. Here one thing is for sure that champion players doesn’t create history not only by their presence, but also by their absence. Just cheers for Portugal!!!!

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