Religion of Terrorism

It feels heart-breaking whenever I see any news or report about any terrorist attack. Such news shakes my belief if there is anything that is safe. We are human beings and have a lots of ways to protect ourselves. In fact we apply as much as possible to make our life easy and secure. We have managed to save ourselves from natural calamities, but still are not safe from those who are like us. Here I am talking about those who has only one mission in mind i.e. practice the heinous sin in the name of God.

I really don’t understand what kind of God they pray because as far as my knowledge is concerned, we are the child of God and He shows the very positive way of life that is filled with love, care, and sacrifice. But alas! This is irony of the fate that we are not safe from those who look like us, who lives like us, who eat like us, I mean we are not safe from our own people. The people who are same like us from head to toe can’t behave normally just because their mind has been manipulated and only one thing is taught to them hate the others who doesn’t belong to you.

Such people should know that we all are created equally by almighty and when He has not created any difference in his pupils who the human beings are to mark that difference. People who are spreading hatred really need to understand that what they are doing and who are getting affected by their acts of terror. Why do they see entire world ad their enemy and why there is a huge difference in their viewpoint and ours. They never give it a second thought what they have done and what they’re going to do.

As a result of such hatred, the world has witnessed most disastrous attacks in the history. Istanbul has suffered a disastrous terror attack on this Tuesday (28 June 2016). Till the date we have witnessed enough of bloodshed of innocent people be it 26/11, Paris attack, Dhaka attack, Iraq attack and so many more to named.

terrorist attack on Paris terrorist-attack-on-world-trade-center-wtc

Earth is a beautiful planet but its beauty has been murdered brutally just to be proved superior religiously. How one can have the religion if there is no pity in one’s heart. A man will be called great only if he is a man first. Religion comes after humanity.

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