What changes video marketing may face in the near future?

Earlier videos was the medium of entertainment only, but now everything has been changed. Now videos are not only a medium of entertainment, but now Video has become a powerful digital medium to advertise every type of business all over the world. It has the potential to change the way business organization represent their products to the customer. It has made the things easy for business owners as well as for customers.


After observing its impact, many social sites have included video channel and it is proving a beneficial move for them. YouTube is the first video channel that was introduced 11 years ago and now it is a very successful platform that provide the equal opportunities to all of its users if they want to advertise their skills or business. Here four major video advertising trends are explained that is going to take the digital marketing industry to the storm in 2016.

Facebook Included New Features to Move Video on the Top of the Queue

Another name in the list is Facebook that has implemented few changes and ready to revolutionize the video marketing industry. Facebook has implemented new changes into its algorithm to create more visibility for video content and this will be beneficial for the video marketers in the future.

Twitter’s In-App Video Recording

Twitter has included video recording feature in December 2015 after analysing the demand and benefits of it. With the time marketers have started taking advantages of it because 82% of Twitter users has a regular habit of watching uploaded videos.

Multi-Channel Advertising                                             

Multi-channel video marketing is the trend of the future. To promote their brands, companies creates the videos of their products and upload them on various platform supporting the video contents like YouTube, Daily Motion, etc. This strategy is helpful in giving the enough exposure that is required to promote product and skill. With the growing competition, video syndicators are proving very fruitful for creating brand awareness.

This is the reason that brands are focusing on those social sites which have included video playing feature like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.  All such social media channels are very important channels for video syndication and brands are using them to reach to their.

Advertisers Can Bypass Ad Blocking Software

It has become difficult for brands to proliferate exposure through their ads because Adblock and other ad blocking tools block the ads. Video ads often don’t get filtered, because of their more engaging and look like embedded content. They actually seem very interesting and related. Many advertisers have found the way to ditch ad blocking tools and bypass their video content.

Ad blocking software are very strict about blocking ads for downloadable tools because they detect adware as malware. So apps advertisers use video ads instead of ad download to reach their customers. Advertisers know it that the changing landscape of video marketing will be changed significantly in near future and it is a very profitable trend to follow.


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