Why Britain has isolated itself from European Union?

Brexit Britain

Keeping itself out of the EU was a decision made by the people of the United Kingdom. A referendum held for the same and according to that     referendum, more than half of the mass wanted that Britain no longer should be a member of the European Union as this responsibility has become the obligation for the UK. The mass believe that other nations of the EU are getting more benefits of this Union whereas Britain is paying a huge amount without getting equal benefits.

As per the decision made the people of the United Kingdom, the government of the country choose to become the first independent nation to get isolated from the European Union. Before voting in favour of Brexit, British citizens analysed the pros and cons of both aspects and made a decision accordingly. Below some reasons are given that may in the mind of British citizens while voting in favour of leaving EU:


The decision of staying out of the EU will be helpful in establishing full sovereignty of the United Kingdom. With this decision, UK is not obliged to comply with EU rules and regulations. All the rules and regulations are mostly constituted in Brussels and all the nations have to comply with those regulations as per the agreement made.

Nothing to pay for EU membership for UK growth

As a member of EU and net contributor to the EU budget, UK has to pay around 600 million pounds per week. Now UK doesn’t need to pay this much amount it can effectively use billions of pounds as per its plan for the growth of the country.

Liberty from EU regulations

All the member nations of the EU has the very easy Visa policies and they were allowed to visit any of the nation of EU. As a result, the tourism department of UK was bearing a huge loss. UK always has been a top choice of the tourists and because of the involvement with U, Britain was bound with the regulations. So opting out to stay away from EU will give the new life to the UK tourism.

Trade control

UK companies were bound with a contact to trade according to the EU regulations. Now the UK companies will be free from the burden imposed by the EU regulations. Now they will be able to trade with other countries on their own terms. This decision will put a great impact on the overseas trade of the UK because earlier almost half of UK’s overseas trade were conducted with the EU.

Opportunities for more employment

Till now, UK was bound with EU regulations and all the companies have to follow the norms constituted by the EU. This divorce between the EU and UK is surely gonna help UK more for creating more employment because UK is now free to get fresh investments from other countries which are not the member of EU.

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